Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend! After my husband working 7 days a week since beginning of October he has finally slowed down a little and had weekend off. It was so nice having him around and having some help with John Thomas :)
Saturday morning we took John Thomas to the Easter egg hunt at church. It was so nice. They had breakfast for everyone, a little service for the kids and the weather was so nice that even got to hunt Easter eggs outside. They divided up all the kids by age and 1-2 year olds area had big bags of goldfish, animal crackers, fruit snacks, suckers and eggs laying on the ground. The eggs even had stickers instead of candy inside them. So smart! because I was already dreading my child getting a lot of candy. After the Easter eggs hunt we headed down to Cincinnati for John Thomas' first Zoo trip. The Cincinnati Zoo is ranked top 10 in the country so we set his standards high ;) He loved it! We saw the animals, took a train ride and watched a 3D movie.

Sunday morning we got up and JT got to see what
 the Easter Bunny brought him

Then we got ready for church and brunch at the Dayton Country Club with the Millers. Church was packed, as it should be :) and brunch was great! The country club gave each child an Easter basket on their way in and had an Easter bunny to have pictures made with, an Easter egg hunt and someone making balloon animals for the kids. really nice. The weather is finally warming up so after JT's nap we got to spend sometime outside and play with new toys. Such a nice weekend!

My Family

Not too excited about the Easter Bunny
 but we finally got our picture made

Playing outside with Easter presents

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