Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our week

I am up early this morning while everyone else is asleep so I thought I would blog :) after I wrote my last blog I felt better just "getting it out there." I have had some tough days but God has also blessed me in special ways this week.
 I have a friend that I met right after I moved here. She was running past my house when I stepped out the door my second day living here and I asked if I could run a couple miles with her since I had never run here. We have been friends since that day. How cool?! She is a Christian, about 10 years older than me, and has 4 kids. She has been such a blessing! We were able to have lunch together this week and it was so nice!
I also started a Bible study on Jonah called "Life Interrupted". The first lesson was about how we have our plans for life and how do we handle life when God throws something our way that was not in our plan. Wow! I felt like a spotlight was on me :) Looking forward to this study.

Tommy won both ballgames this week. Yay! John Thomas is active as always. He had his two year old pictures taken this week, can't wait to see them. The only way to get him to sit for a picture was with a sucker which is so ironic. My child, who is a vegetarian, gets very little processed food/sugar has a sucker in all his pictures :) I do use suckers at basketball games when I have ran out of every other option of entertainment. They will be perfect pictures to remember this stage of life. I had a good friend tell me that when he is 16 I will wish all it took was a sucker to get him to do what I want him to. haha so true!!

A few pictures from our week

Easy entertainment ;) JT's a pirate

Granna taught JT about his "piggies" so as soon as we get in the car he take off his socks and shoes and yells "pigs" until you start playing with them.

 We maybe Northerner's now?! 40 degrees, sun out, windows down!

This is how he eats all sandwich's - opens eats the middle only

Playing with Kennedy

and Daddy


love watching JT sleep.
 I know he won't nap in our bed forever, I love that he does now

Too close to the tv but I think it's cute how he puts a hand in his pocket

Watching Daddy's ballgame (with a sucker, trying to make it to the end!)

A little exercise after the game

Just because flowers from my mom to let me know she was thinking about Francis.
 Made my day!! Hope I am as thoughtful and loving as my mom to my children.


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