Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I am so thankful I am a mother, step mother and I have a wonderful mom. I looked at Mother's Day through different eyes this year. My heart breaks for all the women who want to be a mother but is struggling with fertility, mom's who have had miscarriages, lost children, or who have lost their mom. So thankful of my blessings! Francis was due date was yesterday, it will always be a special day to me.
My step son has been in town so he was able to celebrate with us. John Thomas adores Tommy or as he calls him "brother". He has been glued to him since he got here. It is so cute. If Tommy leaves the room John Thomas runs around the house screaming "Brother" I love it :)
JT had his first swim lesson Saturday. An adult must get in the pool with him so Tommy did his first swim lesson with him. JT loved it! When the lesson was over he kept asking for "more swim"

Sunday I got up early and went to Hot Yoga before church. The message at church really spoke to me. I love it when that happens, you know you are where God wants you to be. The message was about waiting on God's timing and while you wait listen to the lesson God is trying to teach you. Wow. I will be listening and studying his word. After church we had brunch with some good friends. My husband took the boys shopping so I could relax by myself at home. So nice! I thought about cleaning but instead I watched scandal on Netflix. 

My husband really surprised with a very special gift.

and flowers

He also had several pictures of our family printed (I am awful about actually printing pictures) and he had a picture that we had taken 3days before I lost Francis famed. So special. Feeling blessed.

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