Friday, May 31, 2013


Summer has finally made it to Ohio! I am so happy! We love it getting dark later, taking walks, going to the playground and of course playing in the water. This is Tommy's slow time at work too. Having a husband on the weekends and at night makes life so much nicer (and easier!)
I feel like I say this so much but I love the stage of life John Thomas is in now. He understands what I am saying, talks in sentences and has his own thoughts. So much fun to watch him experience everything.

John Thomas has locked me out of the house twice now. He goes in shuts the sliding glass door and puts the wooden stick down so you can not slide the door open. First time I convinced him to lift the stick and let me in, second Tommy came home while I was outside and told John Thomas he had been wanting to do the same thing for years :) (both times I was only locked out a couple minutes)

JT inside, Mommy outside

Practicing being like Daddy

One of our favorite things about summer, the playground. 

Walking home from the park

 Summer party at the playground


 Swim lessons with Daddy, makes me nervous! But they both have fun.

This is the only baby item I bought for Francis. No matter how many times I put it up John Thomas always finds it. He loves wearing it around the house.
 Tommy says Francis would like that he wears it so I let him.

Cutting grass

We has friends from Wisconcis visit for memorial day.
 John Thomas loved having so many people at his house to play with!!

Water table fun

boys will be boys........

Favorite Picture!!!

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