Friday, February 6, 2015

I'm back

It makes me sad I have gone so long with blogging! My boys are growing and changing so much and I hate it's not documented here. After renting for three years we finally decided to buy a house in Centerville, Ohio. Between moving, two boys, working, trying to grow my Advocare business I have been busy!! We also bought/moved in October when my husband started working 10+ hours days, 7 days a week.

John Thomas is doing great! He is such a good boy. He is an amazing big brother. He loves Maxwell!! It makes me so happy to watch them together.
John Thomas' teacher quit (because of health reasons) during the middle of the school year and we ended up moving him to a different school. I was nervous about the move but he has done amazing, no problems. I believe this was actually a blessing in disguise and we are very pleased.

Maxwell is growing and rolling. At his 6month appt he was 20lbs (90%) and 27 1/2inches (90%). He is a big healthy boy! He wears 12-18 month old clothes. He still is not sleeping through the night.
7 1/2  months old and I consider it a good night if I only had to get up twice. I can not wait until the day I get 6+ hours of sleep a night. I am sure I will be able to conquer the world;)

Maxwell has been on three flights so far - Minneapolis, Puerto Rico and Alabama (my first time flying alone with two boys)

A few pictures to catch up a little

Maxwell's first flight

Brothers at the Mall of America

Happy Maxwell

John Thomas getting his library card


Moving day, only place Maxwell had to nap was on my yoga mat

first lunch at our new house, the picnic table on the boys new playground

supporting big brothers school

happy halloween from my two spiders

highlights to the end of October more to come soon.............

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