Saturday, April 11, 2015

March Madness

We had another exciting basketball season at Dayton. I wasn't able to make it to many games with the boys, maxwell normally goes to bed around 6:30 and during the season he still was not sleeping through the night so I tried to stay as close to a schedule with him as I could. I missed going to the games more than I thought I would. I really enjoy watching my husband coach. He puts in so many hours at work it's fun to see him in action. I am always so proud of him. Plus John Thomas is at an age now where the games are fun to him too and he gets excited when he sees his daddy on the court. We played the first round here in dayton, it was a late game so I was able to put Maxwell to sleep before going to the game. We won! and advanced to Columbus. In Columbus we won the first game and lost to Oklahoma in the second round. It was great being a part of the excitement March brings. It's always bitter sweet when season is over. You would love to be playing in a few more rounds but it is SO nice having my husband around more. He worked 7 days a week from October to the end of season. Nights and weekends with daddy home are so much easier. with that being said he is already on the road recruiting this weekend but he was still home before the boys went to bed this week so I will take it;)
The final four was in indianapolis which is only about 2 hours from us so the boys and I went over for a couple days and had a great time. John Thomas had a blast with one of his buddies and Maxwell was a champ with the lack of schedule/nap time!

Practice for the first round of the tournament 

 This picture made the paper and UD website

Daddy and John Thomas

Tommy was able to fly in for the tournament 

Eating the traditional good luck cookies!

Driving to Indianapolis I turned around and saw these two holding hands, so sweet!

At the ESPN 3point and dunk contest  

These two had the BEST time together!! So glad we were all able to be at the final four together!

View from our room in Indianapolis 


John Thomas' favorite part - 
eating at a restaurant where you could make your own pizza and ice cream sundae 

Fan fare fun

Cheers to another basketball season.........on to recruiting season;)

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