Wednesday, September 11, 2013


In Alabama we referred to it as Mom’s Morning Out but in Ohio it is called Preschool. John Thomas goes two mornings a week from 9:00-11:30 to preschool. He loves it! He is such a social little guy anyway so he gets excited to go play with his friends. I love him having a couple hours of structured activities too. And of course it is nice that I have a little bit of free time to run errands or meet up with friends for coffee :)

Showing off his new backpack

2013-09-07 17.09.04 2013-09-07 19.12.40

2013-09-07 19.12.37

All the kids got to bring a stuff animal with them their first week of school. JT picked his monkey with a fishing pole.

2013-09-09 08.53.41

 Walking my baby to school2013-09-09 08.54.32-2I’m excited to watch him learn and grow this year.


Preschool Interview Questions by Mommy

JT- what is your favorite color? Blue

JT- what is favorite cartoon? Mickey Mouse

JT- who is your best friend? Mommy :)))

JT- what is your favorite animal? Really big Dinosaur

JT- what is your favorite food? Watermelon

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