Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cedar Point

We crammed everything we could into the last bit of summer and Little Tommy’s time with us.  After a couple days home from the beach we decided to take a long weekend to Cedar Point, an amusement park. We had a great time!! The park is set up great for families with different area throughout the park with little kids rides so we could be close to the big kids rides. Cedar Point always gives parent pass so after one parent waits in line, rides the ride the other parent gets to hop to the front of the line. I was able to watch John Thomas ride rides while the boys waited in line then Little Tommy was able to jump back in front of the line with me and ride again. We also stayed on the property so we were allowed in the park an hour early. We hit up the big rollar coaster without long lines and the second night even  closed the park down. JT was a trooper!


2013-08-16 17.19.232013-08-16 18.06.56 2013-08-16 18.26.13 2013-08-16 18.32.00 2013-08-16 18.32.30 2013-08-16 19.16.06 2013-08-16 19.22.08 

You can barely see JT’s head beside Tommy. He was such a daredevil!2013-08-17 10.56.32 

2013-08-17 19.33.23

Fastest Rollar Coster in the country. 0-120mph in 4 seconds! And yes we all rode it :)2013-08-17 19.38.39 2013-08-17 20.05.58 2013-08-17 20.21.37 2013-08-17 20.46.11 JT is the skylift, he did not want me sitting beside him.2013-08-17 20.46.52 

So pretty2013-08-17 20.47.03

JT making phone calls. He looks so grown up here2013-08-18 09.56.33

This was the view while waiting in line for the rides. Perfect!2013-08-17 11.45.20

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