Monday, March 9, 2015


My sweet first born turned four in January. He is such a caring, kind, funny boy. I am so blessed he is mine. I do believe he posses many qualities of both Tommy and myself but so many that are just him. I am amazed at everything he learns and retains! Everyday when I pick him up from school he can tell me what he learned.  He loves school, playing with friends, playing chase, hide and seek (basically anything that requires running) and card games. He's not as much into arts and crafts or coloring. He is a great big brother. He has so much patience with Maxwell. One day Maxwell kept crying and crying, I told Maxwell you have to stop crying and John Thomas said Mommy he's just a baby he can't help it. So sweet. Thank you, God for these sweet blessing in my life.

Some pictures from his birthday......

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